Tai Chi Hollywood offers a comprehensive Tai Chi class program, offering an excellent way to experience the numerous benefits of this time proven system, regardless of your age or physical condition. The physical and meditative practice of Yang or Wu styles Tai Chi Chuan is designed for:

  • Strength building classes1
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased energy flow
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Unconventional cardiovascular workout
  • Wellness and longevity
  • Confidence in yourself

Easy to follow lessons and exercises will enable you to learn traditional long Wu Style Tai Chi form and postures with clear, step-by-step instructions. This particular Tai Chi form was created by Grand Master Wu Chien-ch’uan  and in the recent developed and widely promoted by Grand Master Ma Yeah-liang (Shanghai). This form is complex and yet very rich in the benefits of Tai Chi, with  low-impact routines that can be modified for people who are not as flexible. This safe and effective program is suitable for everyone who can move and wants to learn Tai Chi.

Master Emil Rechester leads you through Tai Chi classes and customized lessons which include:

  • Body Alignment
  • Energy Cleansing and Breathing
  • Tai Chi Qi Gong warm up
  • Basic Tui Shou (sensing hands) exercises
  • Learning Tai Chi Form Postures (Long or Short form )

Push Hands/Sensing Hands (Tui Shou)Originally Tui Shou was translated as sensing hands. This particular exercise was created to test and improve the abilities of a Tai Chi practitioner, to learn to connect and be aware not only of his/hers own body energy but also the opponent’s. Through this exercise both players, like in a chess match, patiently look and sense for tension in the body of their opponent to gently push them off balance. It’s fun and interactive exercise which can be practiced indoors or outside to learn:

  • Sensing your own balance. classes2
  • Sensing your opponents balance
  • Basic set of Tui Shou (13 Wu Style method)
  • Basic discharging energy (Fa-Jing) drills
  • Free style Tui-Shou

Wu Style Straight Sword
The use of weapons in Martial Arts training were meant to increase the level of development the one who practicing it. Using weapon as an extension of the body, the practitioner develops a stronger body connection in order to precisely execute a routine which represents an imaginary battle. The sword set in Tai Chi utilizes  the same principles as in bare hand form, with the addition of swords to increase awareness, body connection and conscious precision through movement:

  • Introduction to a weapon
  • Basic movement with sword
  • Learning Tai Chi Sword Form postures