Los Angeles T’ai Chi Ch’uan Workshop with Sifu James Lau King,  

September 17th and 18th  2016, Saturday & Sunday.

Great news!  We’re very pleased to announce about Sifu James Lau King second Tai Chi Push Hands workshop in US. Master James Lau King indoor student of Grand Master Huang Sheng Shyan, will be conducting ONLY ONE in USA 2 days of intensive T’ai Chi Ch’uan Push Hands training in September 17 and 18 2016 in Los Angeles.  The T’ai Chi Ch’uan principles James Lau King will be teaching are valuable to martial artists of any style. Master James Lau King will be sharing and teaching direct knowledge from Grand Master Huang Sheng Shyan. Space is limited so register early to ensure your spot at workshop.


Topics will be covering include:

Saturday 07/18/2015

Morning Session from 9am to 12pm

1. Basic Training ( Wu-Ji Zhuang Three Lines Down Meditation)

A – Methods of Ma Bu Zhan Zhuang and Horse Stand

B – Yuan Qi Fa, Tu Na (breathing training)

2. Squatting Leg Foundation Works

3.  Body Alignment

4. Torso Movements


Afternoon Session from 2pm till 5pm

5. Body and Mind coordination movement

6.  Push Hands (Attacks and Neutralization)


Sunday 07/19/2015

Morning Session from 9am to 12pm

1. Eight Gates in Application (Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lei, Zhou, Kou)

2. Zhong Ding Jing training methods (training with partner)


Afternoon Session from 2pm to 5pm

3. Loosening Exercises in application

4. Wu Xin Bu Fa in moving step

5. Hand Connection Partners work and free push hands techniques



SCHEDULE for each day will be from 9-12 a.m. and 2-5 p.m.


Cost $299.00 for two days or $165.00 for a single day. AT THE DOOR CASH ONLY!

 With early registration and payment (before August 21st, 2016) the cost of the workshop will be $265.00 for two days.


PayPal payments should add 3% and be sent to:


Emil Rechester

5820 Yolanda Ave #21

Tarzana CA 91356

LOCATION:    3rd Street Dance, 8558 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048



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What people say…

Thank you Emil! This was a wonderful experience. For a beginner like me I was afraid not to be able to follow, but it was not bad at all! The warm-up helped a lot to get some understanding of the movement. The park is wonderful with plenty of parking.
Nora D.